Aranyak, Bareria, Baghmundi, Purulia, W.B., India



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  • Visit our gallery for accommodation picture. Search YouTube for “Aranyak Lodge” for video. If you are satisfied with our accommodation then go for the next step.

  • Kindly fill the form (on the top), inform about your booking date, Room Type, number of Head(s), number of Room(s) required etc and click on 'Send message'.

  • After checking the availability you will get reply mail.

  • Then download the booking form from our download section, fill it up & send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • We note down the booking details and share our account details for advance payment.

  • After depositing the mentioned amount you will receive confirmation mail along with confirmation soft copy.

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  • Follow the Google Maps,

  • By car follow – Purulia town to Balarampur (via NH-32) take right turn Baghmundi Road--- straight drive 24 Kms – Right turn Link Road ( Ajodhya Pahar Road )--- your Destination about 3 Kms.

  • Our nearest Railway Station Barabhum(BBM)—call us for Pick up


Aranyak’ – a name starts with green, a mission to protect green and vow to encourage the tourist to awareness of the word GREEN. A pollution free environment which will provide the tourists a homely feel.

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